Harrison Gerard

2023The Sims 4 Kits*Illustration, Art Direction
2023Clockwork Revolution*3D, Branding
2023Bandle Tale*Illustration, Branding
2023FrancineGraphic Design,  3D
2022Ivy RoadBranding
2021Open RoadsGraphic Design, Branding
2020CrocodraculaGraphic Design, Branding
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2023D&DIllustration, Writing
2022 —Little People3D, Illustration
2020 PathosGraphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
2020 Fallen ObjectsGraphic Design, Illustration, Writing
2020A Quick SketchWriting, Game Design
2020ChapbookWriting,  Illustration
1997 —Assorted DrawingsIllustration
*With agency.

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    A New Destination: How Open Roads Changed Direction And Saved Its Turbulent Road Trip
    Game Informer, Wallace.
    Open Roads is one of the most thoughtfully designed games I've seen
    Video Games by GLHF, Sports Illustrated, Broadwell.
    Open Roads will transport you right back to 2003 for a nostalgic road trip about family tiesGames Radar, Wald.
    Crocodracula Clash of the Type-Ins, Veeder and Polodna.

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