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2023The Sims 4 Kits*Illustration, Art Direction
2023Clockwork Revolution*3D, Branding
2023Bandle Tale*Illustration, Branding
2023FrancineGraphic Design,  3D
2022Ivy RoadBranding
2021Open RoadsGraphic Design, Branding
2020CrocodraculaGraphic Design, Branding
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2023D&DIllustration, Writing
2022 —Little People3D, Illustration
2020 PathosGraphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
2020 Fallen ObjectsGraphic Design, Illustration, Writing
2020ChapbookWriting,  Illustration
1997 —Assorted DrawingsIllustration
*With agency.

    → Crocodracula

    Client: Ryan Veeder
    My friend Ryan Veeder asked me to make some feelies for his new game, Crocodracula.

    Back in the halcyon days of text adventures, companies like Infocom would package small props and printed ephemera with the game itself. These worked as world-building, clues, toys and anti-piracy measures.

    For Crocodracula, Ryan and I figured out what needed to be included, and then I got to work creating and designing the objects while Ryan wrote the copy.

    Since Ryan’s frame story was that he was porting a game he had found, it was important that everything should feel like it was made in the late nineties and have the wear-and-tear of three decades.

    For our work, we won the Best in Multimedia Award at the Xyzzy Awards, which is kind of like the Oscars if the Oscars was for a very small community of text adventure authors and players.

    All illustrations were either done by me (like the key art above) or sourced from vintage early 90s clip art collections.

    Our logo was very inspired by the spooky 90s media of my childhood, like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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