Harrison Gerard

2023The Sims 4 Kits*Illustration, Art Direction
2023Clockwork Revolution*3D, Branding
2023Bandle Tale*Illustration, Branding
2023FrancineGraphic Design,  3D
2022Ivy RoadBranding
2021Open RoadsGraphic Design, Branding
2020CrocodraculaGraphic Design, Branding
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2023D&DIllustration, Writing
2022 —Little People3D, Illustration
2020 PathosGraphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
2020 Fallen ObjectsGraphic Design, Illustration, Writing
2020ChapbookWriting,  Illustration
1997 —Assorted DrawingsIllustration
*With agency.

    →  Pathos Literary Magazine

    Pathos is the literary magazine on campus at Portland State, which I worked at my junior and senior year. I loved getting to do something that incorporates literature and art, and I was lucky enough to do pretty much whatever I wanted artistically in my time working there.

    For my first year, I worked on social media. I was given a color palette and a few posts done by the previous designer, and from it I created a cohesive brand that they’re still using today.

    The next year, I became the art director.

    I worked to come up with a cohesive layout and brand for the magazine itself. I wanted something that showcased the art as much as the text, and something that emphasized classic typesetting.

    The new layout allows continuity between the magazines themselves, and allows readers to form a connection to the brand that they couldn’t previously due to the ever-changing aesthetic.

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