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2023The Sims 4 Kits*Illustration, Art Direction
2023Clockwork Revolution*3D, Branding
2023Bandle Tale*Illustration, Branding
2023FrancineGraphic Design,  3D
2022Ivy RoadBranding
2021Open RoadsGraphic Design, Branding
2020CrocodraculaGraphic Design, Branding
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2023D&DIllustration, Writing
2022 —Little People3D, Illustration
2020 PathosGraphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
2020 Fallen ObjectsGraphic Design, Illustration, Writing
2020ChapbookWriting,  Illustration
1997 —Assorted DrawingsIllustration
*With agency.

    → Open  Roads

    In House: Fullbright, Open Roads Team
    From 2019-2021, I worked as Graphic Artist and Writer on Open Roads, an upcoming game by Fullbright, published by Annapurna Interactive.

    I was originally hired on to be the sole graphic designer, and everything that entails — from ingame assets to UI to logo to end credits — was made completely and solely by me (with the oversight of my fantastic art directors, Megan Carlsen and Noël Clark).

    After our writer Steve Gaynor left the project, it fell to us to finish the game’s script. We initially worked with another writer, Gracie Gardner, before pulling the process entirely in-house.

    From there, we created a small writing team, where I wrote the majority of the back half of the script, as well as polishing the writing overall and refocusing our story beats. Amy Fincher provided additional writing assistance, and the rest of the team gave their feedbacks and critiques.

    While production continued, I also provided graphic design assets to be converted into 3d props for the game. Any product design on objects was done by me; and illustrations were done by myself, Noël Clark, and a small team of freelance illustrators.

    I created the game’s logo, starting with a hand-sketched prototype that I then vectorized in Glyphs.

    I also created the UI/UX for the dialogue and choice menus, inspired by the formatting of plays and screenplays. Coding by Aaron Freedman and art direction by Megan Carlsen.

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